Ninja 3D Animated Model


August 26, 2015

Animated Models, Downloads

1-14    Walk (normal)
15-30    Stealth Walk
32-44    Punch and swipe sword
45-59    Swipe and spin sword
60-68    Overhead twohanded downswipe
69-72    Up to block position (play backwards to lower sword if you want)
73-83    Forward kick
84-93    Pick up from floor (or down to crouch at frame 87)
94-102    Jump
103-111    Jump without height (for programmer controlled jumps)
112-125    High jump to Sword Kill (Finish em off move??)
126-133    Side Kick
134-145    Spinning Sword attack (might wanna speed this up in game)
146-158    Backflip
159-165    Climb wall
166-173    Death 1 – Fall back onto ground
174-182    Death 2 – Fall forward onto ground
184-205    Idle 1 – Breathe heavily
206-250    Idle 2
251-300    Idle 3

Feel free to use however you like, commercial etc, credits are Appreciated as a LOT of work went into this! 😉




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